Kind Words From My Clients

She is very gifted and has a deep connection with spirit, her class was educational with alot of interesting things. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a reading with a loved one or just a regular read... very genuine psychic...

Phil Isaacs
I went today to go see miss Teresa on 9 -17-2020 she is a great person very loving and made you feel very welcomed.She is amazing she brought my parents forward and my cousin that died at a very young age. Teresa knew everything about them i told her nothing she knew how they passed and she was told by my father that died 28 years ago to ask me did I get a new credit card .And I did about 4 days prior to going to see Teresa. They also knew that my wife had just baked me an apple pie 3 days ago I cant tell you everything else it would take me all day .Please go see her you will get so much out of it she helped me sooooooo much im going back in 4 months to see her you need to do the same she will help you thanks

Dino vasos
My sister and I had our first session with Teresa this evening! Absolutely love her and her whole demeanor! Extremely accurate. We were in tears the whole time! Will schedule again at a later date. Highly recommend!??

I had my first reading today, with Teresa. Holy cow! I was crying my eyes out. She knew so much that no one would know. She eased my mind and heart and I was able to connect with many people I care about and miss! I can’t wait to have another reading! Thank you Teresa!! AL

Working through my mother’s sudden death has been a process...and my reading with her this week has helped me in so many ways! She so sweet and compassionate. I will be recommending her, and going back! KPH

I went to see Teresa yesterday with a group of friends and we each had a wonderful reading! She is definitely the real deal and I was shocked at how much individual detail she was telling me from my dad and siblings. It was the most amazing experience ever! Thank you for giving me peace of mind and that sense of tranquility about my loved ones passing and that they are still watching over me. SB

So happy I got a chance to meet Teresa. She was amazing and left our group feeling full of Love. My belief that loved ones including me mother who passed are all very much present in our lives was ?? validated!! BH

Teresa hit on about 25 things that no amount of research would know. She’s the real deal and my husband came through for me. I highly recommend her to reach your loved one. KGL

because i saw her at James Van Pragg and witnessed her amazing talents MS

We had a group session, we were all amazed with the accuracy of on, and highly recommended. I will be taking my daughters with me next time for a reading! AK

I had a phone reading with Teresa today. OMG.....AMAZING. I was blown away. She was able tell me things about my loved ones who have passed and shared personal memories that no one would know. I definitely recommend a reading with her. Thank you Teresa! JS

I had my first reading with a medium the other day and I’m so thankful it was with Teresa! She is one of the nicest people that I’ve met, making you feel so comfortable and at home. Her aura is amazing. Felt like I had know her for years. And the reading, well that was spot on! Many things came through that no one would have ever known. I was completely overwhelmed in a very good way. Teresa, you are the real deal, amazing. Don’t ever stop doing what you do. You’ve helped so many people, including me now, come to terms with their losses and find some peace. Can’t wait for my next reading! All my love and hugs to you ???? AL

I had a reading with Teresa shortly after my mom passed away. She knew things about my mom that wouldn't have been posted yet or things that were discussed privately between me and my sisters that I am convinced my mom was telling her. Even my husbands father came through and he has been gone over 25 years. She has an amazing gift and I have recommended her to several people already, a couple have also made appointments. I will definitely go back again. DTB

Absolutely amazing. She is so sweet and caring! Plus 100% legit. She knew stuff nobody else would have known. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to see a medium !!! I feel amazing and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. AT

I saw Teresa after a rough 2.5 yrs of losing my Mom,Dad,Brother and best friend. She told me so many wonderful things that they all came through. She told me things only they would know and she was able to give me some answers to questions I had. I will DEFINITELY be seeing her again.

Teresa is an amazing person. She has helped me understand things i was questioning. Helped me find out my loved ones are ok and still watching over us. i will definitely be having another reading in my future. thank you for taking the time to do this for me. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends who want closure or just want information about their loved ones.

Teresa is an exceptional and authentic soul. A lifelong and treasured friend of mine who had heard about Teresa and convincingly invited me to join her for a reading. I was just going along for the 'ride' a bit like a supportive yet skeptical passenger. However, my skepticism was immediately replaced with extreme awe and heartfelt gratitude as my much missed dearly loved Mom came through within moments of our arrival. She revealed moments and experiences that very few people are privy to including some that only my mother and I shared. It was a phenomenally beautiful experience that I will treasure for the rest of life.

Thank you, Teresa! Since my mom passed away there hasn't been a day that I haven't cried over the fact that I wasn't there with her the moment she passed, but because of you I was able to know my mom wasn't alone. I feel reassured that she's with my family and not suffering anymore. Thank you a million times for giving me a chance to somewhat talk to my mom again through you.

Rosemarie Rossillo & Family
Both my sister and I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Teresa. Neither of us had been to a medium before and we wanted to reach our mom and dad. We felt she made contact as many of the things that were said were very specific and would only be known by us. She took her time and did not rush the process. We would definitely recommend her.

Theresa & Mary Ann
Teresa is one amazing woman!! We had her come to a family gathering and it was AMAZING!!! Alot of family members finally got the closure they have been seeking for years.

I was so uplifted after my reading with Teresa. Just about everything she said was right on the money! I was a little nervous at first, but there was nothing but positive things said throughout the reading. I left knowing that my loved ones are still engaged in my life and that I am not forgotten by them. Best 'therapy session' I could ask for.

I recently went to Teresa with my brother. Teresa was very good as a medium she connected with our loved ones right away. She validated who she connected with and it was beyond exciting to hear from loved ones. I will definitely visit with Teresa Again! Thanks Teresa you are so blessed! Sue

Teresa is beyond amazing! I had a private reading with her a few weeks ago and then came back last week with my siblings. We have been struggling with the loss of our father and were able to communicate with him as well as our grandparents. The things that were communicated would not be known by anyone but us and are helping us with our grieving process. Teresa is so kind and compassionate and makes you feel like you have known her forever. We are eternally grateful and will be back soon! I recommend Teresa to anyone who is wanting validation that their loved ones are okay. You will not be disappointed! Her gift is truly amazing..... LC

Had a great party!! And Teresa is 100% uplifting ! Amazing reading!! I will tell everyone how wonderful you are!!!

A great experience! Thank you. Teresa puts you at ease.

Teresa is absolutely wonderful! She's very sweet, and easy to talk to, and spot on in her readings!

It was my very first time ever meeting with a medium. I was very anxious and excited. From the moment I met Teresa, she made me feel so at piece. She was able to connect me with my very favorite person, my grandma who had passed when I was very little, but had a very close bond with. I am so grateful to Teresa for sharing the information with me that needed to be shared by my loved ones. I will definitely be visiting Teresa again, very soon. Thank you again, Teresa.

I meet with Teresa November 2017. My experience was simply amazing. I was so anxious not really knowing what to expect. Upon arrival Teresa welcomed me and felt my anxiousness and immediately I began to relax. She has a very kind, warm and welcoming way of greeting you. I had suffered a very tragic loss in 2016 and instantly she began to communicate with my loved one. She gave me validation of my loved ones presence and proved to me that our loved ones never really leave us. I have already scheduled another appt. with her for other family members. What Teresa did that day has helped me through the grieving process and helped to lessen my heartache. Her gift is God sent...We are all so blessed that she is wiling to share this gift to help others heal.

I have been to Teresa a couple times, and will go again! She is spot on, everything she said was true. I highly recommend her, she is the best medium I have been to. On top of that she is a sweet down to earth women.

Kathi George
I have had two sessions with Teresa. I was able to communicate with my mother and grandfather. She is the real deal and such a pleasure to spend time with to boot. I recommend her to friends and clients often.

I became acquainted with Teresa about 3+ years ago, and quickly realized how gifted and compassionate a soul she is. I do investigation, and she has been instrumental and a highly valued resource with discussing challenging cases. She has relayed messages to me in different sessions that were so spot on personally, and she would have not known these facts by any other means. I so value her abilities and her friendship, I can not give any higher recommendation to you regarding Teresa and her gifts. I have recommended her without hesitation to others, and they too, have thanked me for the connection to Teresa. She can bring clarity and peace to you with situations you may be facing or just validating feelings you have on your mind. Sue Moyer, Florida

One afternoon my niece went to see Teresa and had a great reading. At the end when my niece was leaving Teresa asked how she knew about her and she said my aunt. It was only then Teresa realized it was my sister, my nieces mother who she had been connecting with. She knew our story and was happy she didn’t know before the reading. My niece called me and told me how much Teresa hit on and I thought that is awesome, but fear of the unknown had always prevented me from calling my friend of 20+ years. Later that afternoon my niece text me and said I needed to call Teresa. I was really busy, but gave her a call. Teresa explained she needed to see my and that my sister was very strong with her all day and that we needed to get together asap. I went over that evening and was amazed and everything Teresa told me. There were many things that no one except our family knows that Teresa hit on. My favorite was Teresa kept asking about a pet named Coco, I was confused and said we never had a pet named coco. Then it hit me! My sister wore Coco by Channel perfume and we smell it all the time, even when no one is around. She was telling Teresa to bring up the perfume which of course Teresa did not know about! There were several other things that she told me which confirmed 2 things to me. 1. My sister will always be with me and 2. Teresa is the real deal. God gave her this gift for a reason and if she can help people heal it is wonderful. Dawn H

Teresa is amazing, she is full of love and compassion. She was able to bring through my dad and several other family members and friends with validation from them letting me know that they have been with me since their passing.

'When I met Teresa I had no idea she was a medium. Before she even came into my house she could pick up on my loved ones that had crossed over. She knew things that my dad (still living) was saying before he said them because my mom was communicating with Teresa. I was so amazed, that I hosted a party for her to read my family and friends. We all had so much fun and I really think she did a great job. I would recommend her to anybody who is looking to communicate to loved ones that have passed. Whether it be for closure or to just know that they are there. She has a seriously awesome gift and I am happy she shared it with us.' L.M. Chesterton, In

'I contacted Teresa because I wanted to communicate with my deceased Grandmother, who I dearly loved. During our reading, my Grandfather came forward strongly to send an urgent message about a situation currently happening in my family and how he wanted me to handle it. Teresa also revealed information (a family secret) of which I had absolutely no knowledge, and after asking my Mother, this also proved to be true. My Grandmother was right behind my Grandfather the entire time and sent me a message towards the end of our reading. I was truly impressed. K. G. - Kentucky'

The reading Teresa gave me yesterday was unbelievable. Three of my loved ones came through with messages of love and protection. It totally validated my own practice of communicating to them on my own, even though I am not a medium, but now I know they hear me when I talk to them and they are with me when I feel them?? Thank you, thank you, thank you Teresa for sharing your gift and being a conduit of peace for the grieving! - SJ LA Porte, In Namaste

As many of us, I am both a cynic and yet, a believer in universal energy.   In our time together, Teresa has been able to access another realm and has undoubtedly communicated with my loved ones' energy.  She is truly intuitive and intentional in our sessions. Fran-Illinois

Teresa insighted wonderful information for me and my family. Amazing! PC -Indiana

'I have never met anyone like Teresa Rose. The way I met her was actually an accident, and now she will forever be in my life along with other members of my family. I have lost some very important people in my life, and she allows me to have that comfort of knowing they are happy, safe and looking over me everyday. Teresa's approach to being a spiritual medium is extremely comforting and positive. She makes the environment calming and allows you to connect to those you have lost in an enlightening way. If you are thinking about connecting and have hesitation, she absolutely the right person to go to make your experience amazing' RC In

Such a wonderful experience! I felt so much peace after seeing Teresa. Thank you again! KO- Fl

Thank you, Teresa Rose, for everything you shared. Teresa, your loving heart was sending good vibes and kindness to everyone you touched tonight. What a sweet soul you have! ??' GR- Lexington, Ky

I had a reading with Teresa last week and was really hoping my Dad would come through.With Teresa's help, he did and got validation that he knows what is going on in his family and that he is still watching over us even though it has been over 40 years since he has passed. Also A friend who I went to school with came through and every thing she said was absolutely true..I passed her message on to another friend who was especially close to her and she cried happy tears knowing that our friend knew she had gotten married and was still around. Teresa is very good at what she does and having a reading with her let my mind at peace and I am sure that is the same with everyone she reads...THANK YOU TERESA !!

'Teresa is a talented, empathetic, and kind medium. She is open, honest, and facilitates with grace. Her work  brought me peace and hope...and I will forever be grateful. She has certainly found her place and purpose in our lives. She truly has a gift that organically allows our loved ones to shine through.' Tara- Ind

I suffered a tremendous loss in my life and felt a huge void that I needed to fill. I am myself a therapist, but did not feel like traditional therapy was the answer for me. I heard about Theresa from a colleague and seeing her completely changed my life! The heartache I felt was lifted  and the questions that I had were answered. I brought my friends with me (the first thing me), because I had no idea what to expect and frankly, was a bit skeptical (as were my friends). Within the first 5 minutes of our session, my breath was taken away by something she said that could have only been truly channeled from my loved one. We were blown away! I have such a sense of peace that surrounds me now and have been back to see her as I feel the need. What a gift? EV-Michigan

'Teresa, just wanted to thank you for all of the positive and healing messages. You have an amazing gift! For those people who might be skeptical and I include myself in that group you don't know what you are missing out on. Teresa was able to bring so much validation including names to leave no doubt she was connecting with MY loved ones. Keep up the good work. You have found your calling.' BLM - Portage, IN

“I didn’t know what to expect going to see Teresa, but it was exactly the experience I was hoping for and so much more. I went there hoping my dad would come through, but also realistic that he might not. I couldn’t believe the things she was able to tell me from him!  At the end, she asked if we had any questions and I was so emotionally dumbfounded that I couldn’t even think of anything to ask!  I left feeling lighter, and closer to my dad than I had since he passed 30 years ago. It is truly hard to put into words, but I highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Thank you Teresa!” St. John, In

How do I start... This Woman is AWESOME! This was my first reading ever, so I was a bit skeptical. Teresa has by far surpassed everything I expected during my session with her. She told me things no one would have ever known, unless I told them myself. I was blown away by all the things she knew about me, even the things I was scared to ever admit. She puts things into perspective. I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I can't wait to go back. LG- Chesterton

'I've known Teresa for awhile not knowing of her gift. I scheduled an appointment after discovering her talent as a Medium. It had been a few years since receiving a message from a dear friend who passed. I was hoping Teresa would be able to communicate with her, I was not disappointed. I was amazed by all the relatives and friends that came through. Some of my beloved pets who have crossed sent a message too. The messages everyone sent were strong and what I needed to hear. Thank you Teresa for the very special reading. Your gift is tremendous. My reading brought more than I ever expected.' BP - La Porte, IN'

'Teresa Rose did a reading for me that answered so many questions about family members that have crossed over. She was able to communicate things to me from the other side that were impossible for her to know. She was able to give me ¨signs¨ that let me know that it truly was my family members trying to talk to me. I feel so calm and assured knowing that my loved ones are doing well and are happy in the spirit world. Teresa is a very gifted individual and she takes joy in helping people. I highly recommend her services. -S.C. Munster, Indiana'

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